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Safety is not a set of rules. It is an attitude or frame of mind. Rules alone will not prevent accidents; however, if you keep these rules in mind, you will significantly reduce the risk of accident or injury.

Kilcock Canoe Polo Club requires that members comply with the Canoeing Ireland Safety rules. In particular, we insist upon the following:

  • No member will paddle alone
  • No junior member may paddle without an over-eighteen member unless they are of proficiency 2 or greater.
  • Paddlers must always wear a buoyancy aid while on the water
  • A helmet with face guard must be worn while playing canoe polo.
  • No member may launch from the bridge or any other location that may cause injury to the paddler or damage to equipment.
  • Beginners of all ages may not paddle without an experienced senior paddler.

Beginners should never paddle outside club hours except by special arrangement.

In addition, these are number of basic rules to observe while canoeing.

  • Learn to swim
  • Wear clothes you can swim in
  • Always wear an approved buoyancy aids
  • Don’t ever paddle in a group of less than three
  • Make sure your canoe has buoyancies

In cold weather, players should be aware of the danger of hypothermia. Hypothermia is one of the greatest dangers of canoeing especially in winter. Hypothermia and exposure can cause death.

In order to prevent exposure, always wear suitable clothes such a thermals, wet suit/bottoms and windproof gear in cold weather.

Note: Club Rules are not part of the constitution and may be subject to change at the discretion of the committee.