1. What age group do you take?We cater for children of all ages from 7 years old to Adults.
2. Do you have to be able to swim?No you do not need to be able to swim as all paddlers will have a Buoyancy Aid provided, however you do need to be comfortable in water and swim with the aid of a float.
3. What equipment do I need to have?All equipment will be provided including (Canoe, Paddle, Helmet & Buoyancy Aid) (Spray Deck also provided for experienced paddlers).
4. What should I wear? All paddlers would need in colder months a wetsuit, the Club can provide some but it’s desirable to have your own, Warm clothing that can get wet and wet shoes i.e. beach shoes or socks, a Wind Lightproof jacket when its colder and a Towel. (NB: No runners as they are quite restrictive)
5. Who can I contact to join the
You can contact Trish at 0876450544 or Bernie at 0877560636 to join the club.
6. Does the Club rent out canoes to the public?No we are strictly a membership club only and do not rent out equipment to the public.