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1. What age group do you take?

We cater for children from 8 years old to Senior Level.

2. What equipment do I need to have?

All equipment will be provided including (Canoe, Paddle, Helmet & Buoyancy Aid) (Spray Deck also provided for experienced paddlers).

3. Who can I contact to join the

You can contact us at [email protected] to join the club.

4. Do you have to be able to swim?

No you do not need to be able to swim as all paddlers will have a Buoyancy Aid provided, however you do need to be comfortable in water and swim with the aid of a float.

5. What should I wear?

All paddlers would need in colder months a wetsuit, the Club can provide some but it’s desirable to have your own, Warm clothing that can get wet and wet shoes i.e. beach shoes or socks, a Wind Lightproof jacket when its colder and a Towel/Dryrobe. (NB: No runners as they are quite restrictive)

6. Does the Club rent out canoes to the public?

No we are strictly a membership club only and do not rent out equipment or storage space to the public.