Kilcock Canoe Polo Club is committed to creating a safe, enjoyable environment for players of all ages. By far the majority of our club members are children, and their safety and well being is our top priority. To this end, the club has instituted an extensive set of child protection policies, which are supplied to all members in the Policies, Codes and Procedures booklet.

If you have any concerns regarding bullying, abuse, neglect, or any other matter relating to the welfare of children in the club, please contact our Children’s Officers, or any member of the Committee.

Our Children’s Officer for 2020 is: Noreen Buckley

If you wish to contact our children’s officers, you can contact them in confidence at:                                                                          [email protected]

Forms/Policies and Procedures 2020:

Accident Procedure Kilcock

Driver Supervisor details

Residential Supervisors form

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Safety Statement